Effective and best ways to lose weight is clearly possible.

How is it possible? How to reduce weight ?

Yes, it is possible!

I know it’s not easy to follow a diet plan leaving your favorite food. Hitting the gym or exercise is like sweating and to take out time from busy schedules is not possible in our busy daily lives.

Yes, it’s true, one can lose weight and also shed those unwanted inches without any diet plan and any rigorous activity, completely being at home.

You must be wondering how am I sure about it?

Answer is. I am myself one of the ones amongst you who curiously wanted to lose those extra kilos and shed those unwanted inches.

Yes, I have lost 9 kgs in two months.

Before the picture was clicked on 27th May 2019 and after the picture was clicked on 5th August 2019.


There are effective ways to lose extra kilos.

What I DID?

1, Have knowledge of good eating habits. I am a big-time foodie. I can’t stop eating rice and non-veg. What I did was, I divided my food intake into a 5-time eating habit. My eating pattern:

Morning Breakfast at 8 am: My breakfast is usually Protein-based as it helps in keeping the metabolism-boosting for the rest of the day. I like aloo paratha the most, as its a high carb food so I eat it in Lunch.

Snacks at 11 am: In morning snacks, I prefer to eat vegetable salad or a small portion of fruit salad or a mix of both showing seven colors to my eyes for getting more attracted to what I am eating.

Lunch 2 pm: In Lunch, I prefer to take one bowl of green vegetable or seasonal vegetable, one bowl of dal, two chapattis and a quarter plate of salad. Never take dal and curd together as they belong to the same family of protein.

Evening Snacks at 5:30 pm or 6 pm: It is the time when I enjoy all my favorite food. I eat whatever I like from Gol Gappey to any Chinese food or dominos or mc Donalds or KFC. Whatever I want to, I eat.

Dinner at 9 pm or at 7 pm if evening snacks skipped. My dinner is usually very light. Green vegetable bowl, one chapatti and a quarter plate of salad if I feel like to.

2. Eat Slowly. Eat slowly whatever you eat as it helps you feel full more in fewer calories.

3. Use small plates for serving your food. When snacking, use small plates to cut on portion size and eat only that much quantity that is required for your body. Don’t overeat.

4. Increase in Protein intake. Adding protein to your diet has been linked to weight loss, even without exercise or calorie restriction.

5. Eat lots of fruits and raw vegetables.

6. Eat lots of Fiber containing food. It helps in reducing hunger and food intake.

7. Drink water. Yes! Drink water. Lot’s of water. If you weigh 60 kilos then consume 3 liters of water a day. It’s like for every 20 kilos you should take 1-liter water and if you more than 5 kilos over-weight than add 1.5 liters of water. Drinking water not helps only in cleansing your body, it is helpful in maintaining your health perfect and keeps you toxic-free and also free from lifestyle diseases. Drink water at regular intervals. Never drink one-liter water in one hour or in one go.

8. Avoid Sugar and any sugary items. Avoid eating anything that has sugar content. Sugar boost weight gain.

9. Avoid Stress. Don’t take tension. Don’t get stressed. In everyone’s life, one faces different challenges but that doesn’t mean you stop taking care of yourself. Accept things as a part of life and avoid taking the stress.

10. Sleep well. Sleeping habits matter a lot in our weight loss. Tired body and brain need rest to reset its function. So sleep at least 7-8 hours.

11. Avoid eating heavy meals at dinner. Eliminate red meat from your diet.

Simple changes can bring an outstanding impact on your weight for a long period of time.

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