Battling Audayika…

Who is Audayika? Audayika is an alias used for an individual to give an identity to share not only the most beautiful, amazing, tremendous experience of life but also the amazing facts and knowledge of varied things.

Hi! I am Sukriti.

I am self-obsessed and obsessed with making friends, meeting people, knowing different cultures, traveling and getting as lost as possible in my own way.

Battling in LIfe.

It was back in 2017 when I wanted to start writing. And everyone told me its a wastage of time and discouraged me.

At that time I traveled not alone. I suffered and was concerned about everything and had a broken heart of getting no satisfaction and happiness.

From Delhi to Dubai, Dubai to Delhi was no longer a long-distance to me. Living, working, traveling and staying-up alive like with no satisfaction I found small happiness of my little bundle of joy.

The turning point came in life with the same.

Welcome! to my corner of Audayika where I tell you about my experience, my journey and finally ending up writing my blog. It wasn’t easy. But I didn’t lose my will to write.


Other than writing a blog, I am an influencer, a mother, self-obsessed, love being loved, traveler, learner, wellness coach and more than this a Live person full of colors and positivity to live life beautifully and with full of passion and keeping a courage to take challenges of life happily and smiling with lots of twinkle in eyes.